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Share the idle power of your PC to add rewards to your Steam Wallet.

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ABOUT Application


This native application enables you to share your PC’s resources across a distributed network of computers in exchange for rewards. 



Use the rewards you earn as partial or full payments on in-game purchases for games distributed by Xsolla.   

About Application



This native application enables you to share your PC’s resources across a distributed network of computers in exchange for rewards.    



Use the rewards you earn as partial or full payments for games on Steam or within a game that supports Steam transactions.

 System Requirements




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m / AMD Radeon RX 460


700 MB RAM 


Windows 10


150 MB


Intel Core i3 

Sound card

DirectX9 Compatible


Version 9.0c

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Who can I contact if I have any comments or questions?


Feel free to contact our support team at

Does GShare work with any Steam account?


No, GShare works only with Steam accounts from the CIS region. You will receive an error message if you try to enter a Steam account from any other region.

Why does my antivirus software identify GShare as “harmful” or “suspicious”?


Your antivirus software may identify the GShare application as harmful or suspicious because it is a new program on your PC. If this happens, please refer to the instructions within the application on how to add GShare to a whitelist for your current antivirus software.

What is resource sharing? 


Resource sharing is the process by which a distributed network of computer devices is created to work on one or more tasks that require large-scale computing power.

No individual person or company uses your entire PC when the GShare application is live. Rather, complex tasks, such as 3D rendering and cryptocurrency mining, are broken into smaller tasks, and your computer — specifically its graphics processor unit (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU) — help to complete those smaller tasks within the distributed network.

What tasks are done through resource sharing with GShare? 


GShare provides computing power for a variety of distributed tasks. These tasks include 3D rendering, artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network applications like machine learning, cryptocurrency mining, data analysis, content delivery, and data storage.

Do I need to select tasks myself?


No, thanks to GShare’s smart algorithms, you don’t need to select any tasks. The application will automatically choose resource-sharing tasks that optimize your hardware’s capabilities in real time. 

How much can I earn with GShare?


The amount you earn in your Steam Wallet depends on the GPU and CPU of your PC. A PC with average hardware can earn up to $15 per month, while a powerful PC can earn up to $40 a month.

Do I need to leave my computer on for GShare to work?


Yes, you must leave your computer on in order for GShare to work. You may also use GShare’s flexible resource-sharing options to continue to earn while you use your computer. 

How often is my Steam Wallet topped up?


Your Steam Wallet is topped up every time your PC generates $0.10 through GShare.

How is Xsolla related to GShare and GNation?


Xsolla developed and designed GShare for GNation.

How is GShare connected with Steam?


This site is not associated with or endorsed by Valve Corporation®. Steam and the Steam logo are registered trademarks of Valve Corporation and placed here for information purposes only. 

Xsolla and GShare services are independent of Steam and Valve Corporation. Rewarding is carried out by Xsolla, not Valve Corporation. Valve Corporation has no obligations related thereto.